There has been significant growth in the number of start-ups being founded by young enthusiastic Africans, determined to play their part in solving global problems and contributing to transforming the continent. A good number of these brands are showing serious promise of becoming global giants. And they run across a myriad of industries – fashion, tech, food, logistics, healthcare, and education.

When the stories of these brands are not told they lose their spot in the narrative of the continent; miss the opportunity to reach new customers and expand their market shares, and do not get access to the investments they so need to scale.

Enter WEAR Ghana – a fashion brand which is using the business of fashion to celebrate African excellence, inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurship and create opportunities. This unconventional brand has over the 8 years of its existence made a strong statement for urban African fashion and its ability to impact communities. It has become the go-to brand for showcasing African creativity.

The brand recently opened a new retail store in Dzorwulu – Accra, Ghana and in true WEAR Ghana fashion has made it into a place where African excellence is celebrated.

First, the brand is collecting a million signatures of African entrepreneurs on a signature art piece that houses an African map. If you are an entrepreneur creating solutions here on the continent please head over, sign and be counted. A database is being created for each entrepreneur who signs. It will contain the name, contact details, and product/services provided by each entrepreneur who signs. This will be made available to the thousands of clients the WEAR Ghana brand serves and the general public. Thus, it will serve as a tool for promoting African brands and solutions.

Again, the brand intends to feature outstanding African brands on a regular basis in the store. This will serve to provide other brands with distribution as well as exposure to new audiences and potential customers.

There will be a series of ongoing interventions held with and for African entrepreneurs in the space – coaching sessions with established entrepreneurs; workshops aimed at helping start-ups to surmount teething problems and scale; matchmaking sessions with mentors; etc.

On a regular basis, there will also be market days for curation of brands with outstanding offerings to interact with the public.

And last but not least, many of the exciting events the brand is so well-known for will be held in the space.

It is refreshing to see a young brand so determined to not only grow but to pull other African brands along. So we wish the WEAR Ghana team unhinged success as it continues on its phenomenal journey to becoming Africa’s most loved brand.

Long live WEAR Ghana. Long live Africa’s entrepreneurial spirit!