It’s been 9 years! We must have lost track of time when we turned 5. They say time runs fast when you are having fun. We will not pretend that it’s been only fun on this phenomenal journey of ours.

Often it’s been a frightening race against fear. Sometimes we have been at our wit’s end. There have been times when we have wondered if we would make it to the next month. But one thing has been sure and steadfast – your unwavering belief in our vision and our ability to pull it off. This has been the thing that has kept us going. So by God’s Grace here we stand – 9 years and going strong!

As we mark this milestone, we want to use it as an opportunity to share some of our deepest truths as a company – we know without a shadow of doubt that it is enterprise that will fix this dear country, and by extension continent, of ours. This is why as part of our mission we seek to inspire the next generation of African Entrepreneurs.

It is for this reason that we embarked on the Kotoku Project – a project whose sole goal is to celebrate African entrepreneurs and the people who make their journeys possible.

So for the next couple of weeks, in celebration of our 9th #Anniversary, please join us as we learn about and from some of Ghana’s most successful and ambitious young entrepreneurs. As they share their aspirations and struggles, we trust that it will turn each viewer into an active crusader for Local Production and Local Consumption.

Our country’s economy has been reeling from the severe impact of an over-reliance on importation. If we become self-sufficient – i.e. produce what we consume and vice versa – we will together build an economy that is resilient and stable.

This is the Ghana we dream of.