For Ghana to get better, Ghanaians need to treat Ghana better. We need to commit to doing the things necessary to transform the fortunes of our dear country. And the best way to do that is to significantly improve our all-round behaviour as a people.

And there are two ways of shaping behavior: using rewards – carrot – and using punishment – stick. And while some might argue that the stick works better, it is proven that done well, rewards are much more effective in helping reinforce or change behavior and that is why WEAR Ghana has rolled out an intervention which will make heroes of people and institutions who do things that inure to the benefit of Ghana and Ghanaians: DO GHANA GOOD.

Beyond getting Ghanaians to do what is right by Ghana, the campaign also aims to get Ghanaians talking and sharing good things about Ghana, ensuring Ghana enjoys an image booster. Bad news needs no push to make the rounds. It is of little wonder therefore that on social media, the commentary on Ghana is usually bleak. This has to change.

Angorkor Nai-Kwade, the Co-founder of WEARGhana had this to share “even though WEAR Ghana makes the best clothes in the world, we consider ourselves to be much more than a clothing line. We see ourselves first and foremost as a movement dedicated to changing the narrative on all things Ghana and by extension Africa, by proving that Ghanaians (and Africans) are capable of world class excellence.” She added, “For us when we say WEAR Ghana, we are not referring to made-in-Ghana clothes. WEAR Ghana is a clarion call to Ghanaians to wear a Ghana-first mentality, all the time. That is why are rolling out the DO GHANA GOOD intervention to celebrate those who heed this call and do things that will move Ghana forward, and in the right direction.”

Here’s how the DO GHANA GOOD campaign works:

Ghanaians are expected to identify people and institutions who are doing things that benefit others and the society significantly. They are then supposed to post the exploits of the heroes they have identified on Facebook and Instagram and add the hashtag #DoGhanaGood. WEARGhana will screen the submissions, select the most memorable nominees, seek them out, reward them with a “Do Ghana Good” heroes plaque and amplify their exploits, so as to encourage others to also put their shoulders to the wheel to help make our nation great and strong.
If you are Ghanaian with the good of Ghana at heart, this is an intervention you want to actively support and promote. Together, let’s all commit to Do Ghana Good.

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