Our Story is Your Story

WEAR GHANA is an unconventional fashion company that is focused on achieving world-class standards and global relevance.

WEAR GHANA is the very definition of personality couture. We believe that we are all what we wear; and that clothes do speak loudest. More than just another fashion house, we are Ghana’s foremost Image and Personality Consultants, specialising in clothes and accessories that turn people into loveable brands. We are a team of young, innovative enthusiasts who like to break barriers and do the impossible. We make history each day with fabrics, buttons, stitches, shapes, colours, patterns and a can-do spirit. !We have always believed that as proud as we are as a people with a truly rich cultural heritage, we should proudly Wear Ghana always.


WEAR Ghana is a Ghanaian clothing brand that is focused on becoming a globally recognised and respected African brand. We have been in business since November, 2013. Our team is made up of bold, young Africa-enthusiasts.


We have successfully built a brand that is fiercely loved. We have built a community for our customers- a community of brand ambassadors who believe in the future of Africa and are working hard to make the continent better in their own ways.

From time to time, this community comes together to get to know each other better through the unconventional events we have staged since November 2013.


We want to be the company that clothes Africa. We will be the leading brand for African-inspired clothing. Using a proven business model, we will transform economies throughout the African continent. Our company will continue to thrive for generations on end, reinventing itself to remain relevant.



We exist to prove that Africans are capable of excellence. We are using fashion as a tool to challenge the negative perceptions about Africa. We are providing an African solution to clothing with the aim of building a sustainable company that provides superior value to its shareholders; creates employment for tailors and other creatives; and delivers world class standards to its customers.  We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of African entrepreneurs. We want to be the company that proves that strong brands can be built here on the African continent. We are also keen on empowering women financially by providing them well- paying careers.


We make people look their best while helping them to make a proud African statement. And we do this with the understanding that when people look good, they feel good and ultimately do good.

Our customers segments consist of individuals, corporate bodies and organisations as well as the stores which stock our products.

Between November 2013 and May 2016 we created stunning bespoke pieces for celebrities, corporate executives, and many fashion lovers.

In May 2016, we launched our first retail collection- GIGI. This has been very well received and is well on its way to becoming Africa’s preferred option for dressy-casual engagements.

Currently we are one of the highest selling clothing brands in Ghana. We have over 3,000 satisfied customers around the world who choose our clothes for various engagements and refer us to their contacts.