About Us

Inspiring the next generation of African entrepreneurs and creating opportunities for women

We envision a future where some of the world’s greatest brands will be birthed in Africa by Africans.

We want to play a significant part in making this future a reality through fashion. We are actively building a community of people who are passionate about the African continent – people who wake up every day with a burning desire to contribute to the transformation of this continent.

Our story began when two bold young women decided to leave the comfort of their corporate jobs to build their dream of an Africa clothed by Africa. Today our growing team is made up of young Africans who are obsessive about our vision.

We are excited about the transformations we continue to orchestrate through our operations – we are thrilled when we see our young female tailors grow into supervisors; we are excited by our impact projects which have motivated vulnerable girls to go back to school; we are proud that after patronising our products our customers have an increased belief in Africa.

Our clothes are designed from a place of pride – pride in our history and future. We are focused on creating wearable monuments of African excellence. We have had the opportunity to clothe people from diverse backgrounds – celebrities, excellent artistes, business moguls, young entrepreneurs, corporate executives, brilliant children.

Our biggest moments are those unexpected pictures and reviews that our customers send us of priceless moments they share with family and friends while wearing our clothes. We burst with pride when our customers stand on global stages and win big, while wearing our products. Lately when people are looking for impressive gifts, they turn to our products and they always receive rave reviews. We are grateful for the massive patronage we enjoy.

We look forward to the bright future ahead of us, and invite you to join us on our phenomenal journey.

Meet our founders

WEAR Ghana was co-founded by friends and university roommates Awura Abena Agyeman (left) & Angorkor Nai-Kwade (right). The pair were passionate about fashion and freedom, and dreamt of using it as a tool to contribute to the development of their community and elicit pride in Ghanamade products. While everyone else was shopping common, overpriced, boutique looks, they were two young ladies creating a style that represented The New African. In 2013, they quit their jobs in banking and telecommunications to focus on this dream… and WEAR Ghana was born.

Throughout their long-standing partnership, Awura Abena and Angorkor have continuously complemented and pushed each other, resulting in covetable pieces in beautiful fabrics, memorable prints, and bold colors. After a lot of trial and error and a decade of learning & relearning, they’ve inspired a perfection of the standout GIGI collection: a unisex and stylish collection that encapsulates the magic of the people who wear them. Today, WEAR Ghana is made up of a team of young African enthusiasts focused on achieving world-class standards and global significance.


Our vision

To become Africa’s most loved brand.

Our mission

Through the business of fashion celebrate African excellence, inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs and create opportunities for women.


We value the continent of Africa and commit to representing the legacy and spirit of this great continent.


We are passionately playing our part in ensuring that the world is a better place for all women.


We are committed to constantly pursuing excellence in all our actions.

Creativity & Innovation

We don’t believe in the status quo. We are constantly pushing the limits. It is in so doing that we create the most enduring designs and solutions.


We believe in the magic of synergy. This is why we actively seek to collaborate with those whose values align with ours in our quest to achieve the impossible.


We always have the courage to do the right thing; question our own motives; admit when we err; and pursue big scary goals.

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